BLURB ABOUT HIRING ME TO SPEAK ie I've taught at renowned film schools and events across the globe. I've shared my financial and creative expertise with both aspiring and seasoned filmmakers, writers, and creative types.

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Here's where I've spoken and/or taught recently:

  • Panelist at Screenwriter’s World Conference in Beverly Hills, CA
  • Panelist on Filmmaking / Producing panel at Palm Springs Shorts Fest
  • Lectured at Chapman Dodge Graduate School of Filmmaking on Development, Production, Marketing and Distribution of Independent Films.
  • Lectured at Depaul University Graduate Film School.
  • Invited by US Embassy in Cyprus to speak in the conflicted island's "neutral zone" (separating Greek Cypriots and Turks) to aspiring filmmakers from both sides, bringing the artists among them together.
  • Hosted Screenwriting Masterclass at Konrad Wolf, a top film school in Berlin.
  • Hosted Screenwriting Masterclass Workshop at Zanzibar International Film Festival, Africa’s largest film event.
  • Hosted Screenwriting Masterclass Workshop at Cyprus International Film Festival.