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Hi, I'm Mitchell Peck ...Hollywood's ONLY screenplay consultant with a track-record of proven successes on behalf of aspiring screenwriters at the movie studio level.

Let's improve your script, professionally.


Why Hollywood Embassy?

If you're an aspiring screenwriter who is...
  • FRUSTRATED with Hollywood companies that won't read unsolicited scripts
  • TIRED of anonymous, formulaic coverage that doesn't give you specific suggestions for improvement
  • SKEPTICAL of "script gurus" who don't have any produced movie credits themselves
...I can help you.

Mitchell's success stories


                  Already Have a Screenplay?               Let’s get started with your Hollywood Embassy Consultation.

If you’ve already written a screenplay, it’s time to develop it professionally. Check out our menu of services below that can help you optimize your screenplay according to Hollywood standards.


  1. Treatment Read: Mitchell will read your 1-2 page treatment and provide professional feedback during 20 minute development call: $199
  2. First Act Consultation + 30 minute development call: Mitchell will give you expert professional feedback on the first act, which is the most important part of any screenplay: $499
  3. Producer Consultation Call: Mitchell will give you focused professional feedback about your movie idea(s), and/or high-level strategic advice for navigating Hollywood. 30 Minutes.  $499
  4. Development Notes: A 6-7 page, expert analysis of your screenplay with Mitchell's specific suggestions for improvement in all relevant areas -- including premise, storyline, structure, characters, dialogue, description, pacing, tone, etc. $999
  5. Studio Script Consultation/Development:  A 6-7 page, expert analysis + a 30 minute, one-on-one, telephone development meeting with Mitchell: $1199
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